Our Purpose and Vision




Purpose Statement:  We grow in God’s world, by tending our roots and nurturing our branches.


  • We seek to be a joyful community of all ages – questioners and believers – who follow Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that all people are beloved children of God, we invite the community to encounter both a loving God here in this place and a church that supports them in their faith journey.
  • Inspired by the Holy Spirit we seek to live in God’s way and to make a difference wherever we go.

Our vision is that Pitt Meadows United Church will live our life together by:

  • Engaging in meaningful expressions of our faith that speaks to today’s issues and helps us to deepen our experience of God, enjoying a variety of music and worship styles. (Worship)
  • Welcoming and accepting the diversity of God’s people, sharing faith and inviting people to deepen their relationship with God (Evangelism)
  • Living as a multigenerational community that cherishes time spent together, valuing each other’s individuality, and celebrating our common Christ story (Fellowship).
  • Helping people to live out their faith through service in God’s world. (Service)
  • Providing a variety of opportunities for people at all stages of their faith journey to grow in faith by helping people to explore the Christian story. (Teaching)