Our “Why?”

We understand God’s Dream for our neighborhoods and our community is that we be:

“Diverse neighbourhoods living with joy in nature, working together, united in caring and respect for each other.” 

Our congregation has a part to play in this dream, which we understand to be:

“Bringing hearts together in the Spirit of Christ, sharing God’s love and justice in our neighbourhoods and beyond.”

We therefore understand our purpose not only to be that of inviting people into our congregational life, but also to be living the Christ-life within our homes, families, work environments, friendship circles, and neighbourhoods.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Based in the hospitality of Jesus Christ, we practise an open door/table policy, where all are welcome to worship and explore Christian faith with us regardless of age, race or colour, family status, physical or mental dis/ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, class, income level, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, marital status, or religious point of view.

1.5 Respectful Covenant

Our commitment to creating a safe, respectful and inclusive space

Growing in God’s world, striving to follow Jesus Christ and inspired by the Holy Spirit, we come to this space with a generosity of spirit and caring for others. We value respect, patience, open mindedness, compassion and kindness.

As a part of the congregation of Pitt Meadows United Church I will:

  • seek to create a positive and unifying atmosphere in the life of the congregation
  • provide a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all to worship, work and study
  • speak only for myself in the spirit of truth and gentleness
  • listen carefully, ask questions and seek facts to understand, be open to the ideas of others
  • focus on contributing solutions to problems and welcoming an exchange of ideas
  • keep confidentiality
  • speak directly to one who has hurt or offended me, with the sincere hope of resolving the conflict ourselves; if it is not possible to resolve the conflict ourselves, we will follow the processes as outlined in our Conflict Resolution Policy
  • honour decisions of our church by supporting or constructively communicating with the Board members; use feedback channels and processes appropriately
  • commit to holding one another to account when we do not keep our Respectful Covenant

In our attempt to be a thriving contemporary congregation, we believe that we must have the following:

Minimum Specifications: “Must Haves” For a Thriving Church
A clear purpose and overall direction.
Regular processes for discerning our future, planning, and then evaluating what we’re doing.
Values including honesty, respect, and trust.
Involvement of enthusiastic and supportive congregants.
A leader with effective and supported staff.
Clear communication (internal / external).
A clear process for dealing with frustrations and disagreement (for dialogue).
Inspiring worship gatherings and preaching (various) with good worship, music and musicians.
Interconnecting as ‘the Body of Christ’ through pastoral care (by congregation and Minister), nurturing diversity at all levels, having various gatherings.
Time for learning together and Board/congregational conversations on being disciples of Jesus and the congregation in today’s world.
Outreach: as individuals and a congregation, loving neighbours / especially those struggling.
MINISTER, STAFF, BOARD and TEAMS (Standing or Ad Hoc)
Openness for new ideas and paths to implement them, building from what’s in place.
Giving people freedom to use their gifts so they get to do what they love for God. Freedom to do the job you’re given with flexibility and authority to act.
Clear roles, responsibilities, and accountability.
Effective financial controls / stewardship processes.
Compliance with UCC requirements.
Must not haves IN A THRIVING CHURCH:
Too much structure / Trying to fill slots because they exist / Too many committees / Too much unnecessary administration.
Overly rigid chain of command.
Quashing of congregant’s, Minister’s, or staff enthusiasm.
Responsibility without freedom to act. People feeling unnecessarily restricted in using their gifts.